If you have any questions, or want to come by in the next 2 hours, please contact us through the contact page!

Hey All,

We were forced to change our booking system on short notice, but the new system has some great new features!

Available times are much easier to spot and book in the “Grid” format, so there won’t be any more “hunting” for available time.

You are now able to create an account through email, google, or facebook to store your contact and payment information (handled by a secure third party) during your first booking to make future bookings much faster and easier. Choosing dates and times AFTER signing in (green link in top menu) is even easier, especially on mobile.

We very carefully moved all upcoming bookings into the new system. If you had future bookings we have created an account for you and you will be receiving a link to login and set a password.

When logged in, you are able to see all of your upcoming bookings and cancel studios as needed on the spot without having to call or email. (We are still happy to do it for you if you’d rather just get in touch.)

Sometime next month, we will be switching to payments at time of session instead of prepayments, so there will be no more waiting for refunds to process after cancellations. Your card on file will be charged automatically at the end of your session, which will make extensions and additions quick and easy.

We had to change the pricing system significantly, and we will no longer have flat rate pricing. Prices are now based on duration. As you can see in the chart below, Single hour bookings have gone up, 2 hour bookings have gone up slightly, and 3 or more hour bookings have all gone down, with discounts getting continually heavier with longer durations to about 60% off on 12 hours.

Single hour group bookings have been a problem for us. A large majority go over their time and leave the room in more disarray than average due to everyone trying to race out at the last minute, which causes unfair late starts for following groups. 1 hour unfortunately doesn’t really seem to be enough time for most groups to get in, get set up, get an effective rehearsal in, and pack up. Instead of disallowing them, we decided to increase the price to try to encourage booking of more comfortable 2 hour sessions.

We also had to eliminate Discount Blocks. Only about 7% of clients used them and that type of discount is not yet supported by the new system. When we can, we will add some of them back in and they will be automatically applied to anyone selecting the appropriate times, which will be advertised here on the chart. Additionally, a good chunk of those who used them would schedule a block, then go back and schedule an extra hour at start or end to make a longer session, this will no longer be necessary as all discounts will be applied when you choose your studio, time, and duration. We feel this is definitely an easier and more fair way to book.

Lastly, we are closing off studio 10 for new bookings for a couple weeks, just so we have some space to accommodate any mishaps with the new system. Existing bookings WILL NOT be affected.

If you have any questions on any of these changes, or have any issues booking, please feel free to call, email, or chat with any of our staff at the desk.  THANK YOU for your patronage at Battalion Studios as we look forward to continuing to serve the musician community of Brooklyn and beyond!


Battalion Studios

Studio 1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 6 Hours
4 $30 $48 $66 $78 $111
8-10 $32 $54 $70 $84 $116
2-5-9 $36 $60 $78 $94 $129
1-3-6-7 $42 $68 $90 $110 $150
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