Battalion Studios is a Brooklyn rehearsal space. We have both fully equipped rooms available by the hour, and unequipped rooms available for monthly lockout.

We exist because there aren’t any other spaces WE want to rehearse at. This entire facility is designed, built, equipped, and run to provide the best possible rehearsal experience for musicians in and around the city at prices that actually fit in their budgets. What does that mean?

Our spaces are CLEAN.

Filthy conditions and awful smelling rooms do not help the creative process. They are also far from a necessary evil in an active environment. At Battalion we put a lot of effort into making sure that our studios are kept as fancy-lookin’ as humanly possible. We vacuum often. If someone spills something on the carpet, WE WASH THE CARPET so it doesn’t end up smelling like a cornucopia of rotting god knows what. We can’t guarantee your room will smell like a bunch of roses if you come in directly after a 6 piece band, but we have powerful ventilation systems in every room that exchange all of the air every ten minutes or so to deal with this problem as effectively as possible. There are no questionably sticky surfaces. The bathrooms are cleaned often.

Our Equipment WORKS.

(all of it. and it’s pretty awesome.)

We decided to buy equipment that WE actually love to use, because we want YOU to love using it.

We have tube amps and half stacks in all of our rooms.Orange Rockerverbs, Marshall DSLs, Mesa Rectifiers, Fender Hot Rods, as well as boutique amps like Rola, Union Jack, Verellen, Dr Z and more. You will never want for tone here. We have Roland JC120s in Studio A and our Showcase room for those that prefer the cleaner side of things, as well as some nice acoustic amps kicking around. We hated walking into a studio and having to plug-in to 3 amps before finding one that actually worked, so when amps break, we take them out of the studio and fix them as soon as possible. We have some replacements just in case.

All of our drums sound great because we tune them often and replace heads regularly. All of our drum hardware is heavy duty, well-maintained, and fully working. We have double pedals available. Every kit has a full complement of cymbals. That’s a ride, 2 crashes, and a set of hi-hats. Our house cymbals aren’t top of the line, but they aren’t all cracked and unusable either. We really wanted to get some fancy ones, but the reality is that we wouldn’t be able afford to replace nicer ones every time a heavy hitter comes in here. If you don’t want to bring your own, or don’t have time to pick them up before your session, ours will definitely suffice.

You can rehearse here WHEN YOU NEED TO.

There are currently 9 rooms at Battalion that are available by the hour. We got there because we’ve added a room every time we were forced to tell someone we were at capacity. We can currently accommodate 18-22 sessions during our evening hours, and we have tons of space to expand. If you absolutely need to rehearse in a specific room at a specific time however, we do advise booking a few days in advance to be sure.

We CARE about and are COMMITED to your rehearsal enjoyment.

We love when people walk out of a session and tell us how much they loved the room. Need an extra chair/music stand/microphone? Just ask.  If you’ve got special requests, add them to the notes section on the booking form and we will do our best to accommodate you. We regularly make changes based on the suggestions of our clients, and do everything we can to make sure that we continue to be the best Brooklyn rehearsal studio.

Bottom Line, We offer MORE for LESS.

We’ve got all of the above at rates lower than anywhere else and we aim to keep it that way.

Open 12-12 Daily.

Book Now, we promise you will be impressed.